Tree Surgery FAQ’s

Hopefully, we can answer your questions on tree surgery here. If we can't, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions.
Is my tree protected?
Your tree(s) may be subject to a Tree Preservation Order or located in a Conservation Area. We obtain all necessary permissions from the Local Authority before any works commence. This application can take 4-6 weeks to be processed so please bear this in mind when planning any works.
How much do you charge to obtain relevant permissions?
There is no additional charge for obtaining permissions unless stated otherwise.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are covered by a £10,000,000 public and employee’s liability policy which protects you, your property and our staff. Our insurance certificate is included with your quotation.
Are you qualified?
Yes, we hold all up to date NPTC qualifications for tree work operations and carry all works out to BS:3998:2010 recommendations for tree work.
Do you dispose of all debris generated?
Yes, we process and remove all waste accumulated from your site, unless stated otherwise. Timbers and wood chips can be left for customers personal use, if timbers require cutting and/or splitting an additional charge may be incurred.
Do you recycle the waste?
Yes, all waste is recycled and never goes to landfill. We have access to biomass tipping sites and have various locations which require our wood chip i.e local allotments and estates etc. Timbers are delivered to a local sustainable firewood company. We hold a ‘waste carriers license’ which can be seen on request.
How do I receive a quotation?
It’s easy, simply contact us and we will arrange a convenient time and date for us to come and view the works. You will receive a written quotation shortly after our visit. Upon acceptance we check for any restrictions which may apply to the tree, only then will we book the works in.
Can you carry out work without me being present?
Depending on the specification of the works, yes, as long as we can gain access to the tree(s) etc. We are more than happy to book in works around your schedule.
Are tree roots going to damage my property?

There are many trees that grow extremely close to buildings and will not cause any harm, however, in some cases, subsidence and structural damage can be linked to tree roots.

Blocked drains and surface damage can also be caused by tree roots. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when determining if tree roots are the cause of a problem e.g. soil type and depth of foundations. Trees close to buildings need to be surveyed regularly contact us to arrange this.

Can I cut back my neighbour's tree?
Any overhanging branches from your neighbour's tree can be cut back to the boundary line by law, in some cases this can be a drastic measure and can cause major problems i.e unbalancing the tree. You have to be seen to be taking reasonable measures and sometimes there are other alternative options which can be taken i.e Crown Thinning.
Do you need power supply to carry out work?
Although not essential, some of our chainsaws are battery operated, which sometimes require re-charging. Battery operated tools have huge benefits for the environment and operator (no fumes and less noise, etc.) and we frequently utilise these tools when possible.
Can you provide me with a quote over the phone?
No, due to many factors which have to be taken into account when quoting for any works a site visit is essential. This initial visit also allows us to evaluate all risks the site may present before any works commence.
How much do you charge?
Due to many circumstances which can alter the value of a job, we always arrange a site visit to enable us to provide a fair and competitive quotation.
Do you top trees?
NO! Topping is a dated method of severe pruning and causes severe long term damage to a tree's health, there are many alternative methods of tree pruning which we provide. ‘Topping’ a tree will cost you more money in the long term. Contact us to discuss your tree care requirements.
There is a cable running through our tree?
Trees with cables running through them need to be pruned sympathetically. A site visit would need to be arranged to evaluate the works required. We work closely with network providers who assist in temporarily shutting down the power cable(s) to allow us to carry out any required tree works. We can sometimes work around cables with certain techniques which will allow works to be carried out without disruption to the power supply.
Is my neighbour's hedge too tall?
There is no formula to determine if your neighbour’s hedge is too tall, if you feel that your neighbour’s hedge is causing nuisance or damage to your property you must try and resolve the matter with your neighbour informally before involving the Council, the Council may charge a fee if they resolve the matter. Follow the link to the recommendations. Neighbour disputes– high trees and hedges.

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