Canopy Reduction

Removing large sections of the canopy to reduce the risk of damage to buildings and pedestrians.

Local Canopy Reduction

Also known as crown reduction, this procedure is carried out to reduce the height, width and general spread of the foliage canopy. This is achieved by reducing individual branches/limbs back to secondary points of live growth, maintaining the tree's shape where possible.

Trees with large canopies often cause problems for houses and neighbouring objects. There are many cases where telephone cables have been damaged due to large canopy branches.

Trees that require canopy reduction contain large and heavy branches that can potentially pose a dangerous threat to buildings and the public. The extent of the reduction depends on the age and health of the tree. In later life, rot in the canopy and high winds are a potentially dangerous combination.

We have an emergency tree care service in place for times when large canopy branches have fallen on houses or blocking roads/driveways. In many cases, prior canopy reduction work would have prevented a potential disaster.

All of our tree surgeons are fully qualified by the arborist society. By carefully selecting problematic branches in the canopy we can reduce the weight of the canopy, decrease the mass which helps the tree resist high winds, remain healthy and increase the light to the houses or gardens below.

All of our tree surgeons are fully trained, qualified and insured.

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