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Oxfordshire tree removal services. Specialists in dangerous tree removal and woodland management.

Local Tree Removal

If a tree is diseased, dangerous or has simply outgrown its position, then it may need to be removed completely. If space allows we will fell your tree into a suitable designated area from the ground using precise directional felling techniques.

However, if your tree requires to be taken down in sections this can be achieved by the careful lowering of branches and timber using appropriate lowering techniques.

The tree removal cost is dependent on the size and type of the tree and the techniques needed to dismantle the tree safely without causing damage to neighbouring properties, fences, cars etc. Tree removal costs are also dependent on whether you require the stump to be removed. If you have a tree stump that you would like to remove, please visit our stump removal service page.

All of our tree surgeons are fully trained, qualified and insured.

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