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How to Spot a Rogue Tree Surgeon

30 September 2021

There are many that claim to be tree surgeons but do not have the training, skills or qualifications necessary to conduct this trade correctly or more importantly safely.

There are many that claim to be tree surgeons but do not have the training, skills or qualifications necessary to conduct this trade correctly or more importantly safely. Qualified tree surgeons are taught how to use their equipment safely, how to maintain a chainsaw, specialist climbing techniques, aerial rescue and most importantly they are taught all about arboriculture.

Tree surgeons need to acquire such experience and qualifications because it teaches them how to preserve the health and structure of trees, they also control the risks the can potentially damage your property or cause serious injury and death. Rogue tree surgeons will not have the skills to conduct such risk assessments. They will want to get the job done as quickly as possible so they aren’t found out. They will cut corners when performing the job required and will most likely leave the tree in an unhealthy and damaged state. A rogue tree surgeon will not have the required equipment or the expertise to carry out the service you require.

When it comes to choosing a tree surgeon/arborist please don’t go by price alone. Rogue tree surgeons won’t have the required liability insurance to cover any damages that might occur on a job. We recommend that you do your research before hiring a tree surgeon. Ask each company questions to find out the extent of their knowledge in the field, rogue tree surgeons will most likely not get back to you or only reply with a couple of words.

Here are some topics you should ask any tree surgery about:

  • Qualifications
  • Professional organisation
  • Insurance
  • Written Quotations
  • References


You should always ask a company about their qualifications, this will help separate legitimate business from rogue traders. All qualified tree surgeons will operate under the National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC). All tree surgeons must comply with its policies and standards, if a company doesn’t know the policies or organisation itself when you ask about them then they are not a legitimate company.

Professional Organisation

Before deciding which company, you are going to go ahead with make sure they are certified by the Arboriculture Association Approved Contractor Scheme and have passed the arborist examination and regular reassessments.


Ask the company to provide you with proof of insurance of their employees and other possible liabilities. If the company doesn’t provide you with the correct documentation or expired documents then you should look elsewhere.

Written Quotations

Written quotations are a great way to make sure a tree surgeon stays true to their word. You will have quotes and estimates down on paper that you can hold the surgeon to if they try and decide to ramp up the price once the service is complete. Rogue tree surgeons will often refuse to give written quotations. If a company does refuse, then you should start looking to use a different company.


This will help you get a piece of mind when choosing a company, ask the company for references from previous customers to check what kind of work they have done before and the customers satisfaction.

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